Technology Consulting

Innovative Management works with clients to evaluate needs and challenges before providing solutions for meeting objectives and achieving success. We leverage our experience and our understanding of business processes and industry best practices to develop practical solutions to address business and IT challenges. In addition to providing advice and recommendations, Innovative Management’s IT consultants support the management and implementation of IT solutions. We help our clients to leverage the right technology to achieve their IT performance objectives.

Management Consulting

Innovative Management works with clients to improve their performance by analyzing organizational challenges and developing customized approaches and plans. Our consultants take an objective approach to identifying and addressing problems. Our Consultants possess the industry expertise and communications skills that are needed to help clients improve their organizations.

System and Infrastructure Assessments

As technology evolves, it is important that organizations implement innovative IT solution to realize the greatest benefits. Innovative Management conducts comprehensive system and infrastructure assessments to help organizations leverage the current systems to determine their requirements and needs regarding the new system implementations. Our experts assess areas such as performance, availability, accessibility, scalability, security, contingency, and transferability. Our assessment approach includes holding discussions with clients to better understand their challenges and expectations, reviewing technical system and infrastructure documentation, conducting assessments, and developing recommendations for corrective actions or improvements.

System Testing

Based on the defined requirements and the design of a system, Innovative Management ensures that a comprehensive test approach is developed. This approach should, at a minimum, address the key test phases (e.g., unit, integration, user acceptance, regression). Our experts support the development of the test plans, the development of test scenarios, the conduct of user acceptance and regression tests, and the development test reports to capture observations, issues, and recommendations.


Innovative Management provides security planning expertise to ensure that our clients consider security as an integral part of their solutions. Our experts focus on preventing unauthorized access to systems and facilities. We help our clients make decisions by helping them to better understand their security risks and possible mitigation steps. Specifically, our experts:

  • Prepare an enterprise for handling security risks
  • Enhance security capabilities
  • Provide solutions for system and facility access

IT Strategy

Our experts possess the experience, industry knowledge, and technology skills needed to develop customized solutions to meet the specific goals and objectives of our clients. Our expertise is used assess business processes and challenges before developing an IT strategy for success. Our strategies address the redesign of IT functions, including system development, system testing, system implementation, and security. Specifically, our experts:

  • Quickly determine how an IT organization can provide greater value
  • Provide guidance regarding the use of IT to make progress
  • Develop the appropriate IT strategies
  • Better align business requirements with IT requirements

IT Organization

We understand that the implementation of the right IT strategy requires developing an understanding of an organization and developing the appropriate governance structure. Innovative Management has the expertise needed for the execution of an IT strategy. We design the right approaches, models, and decision-making processes, and we identify incentives and metrics for supporting the strategy.

Scope Management

Innovative Management understands that Scope Management is the process of ensuring that a project addresses all of the necessary activities, and only the work required to complete the project successfully. Our experts help our client define and control what should and what should not be included in a project. Innovative Management provides assistance for defining a project’s scope, developing a work breakdown structure, managing scope changes, and developing a requirements traceability matrix.

Schedule Management

The development of a project schedule is a key step to project planning and management. We understand that effective project scheduling plays a critical role in a project’s success. Our management experts will leverage tools (e.g., spreadsheets, Microsoft Project) to help ensure that all project activities are completed according to approved timeline. As a result of regular monitoring, our experts are able to quickly identify if there are any needs for schedule adjustments for addressing and mitigating risks.

Risk Management

Innovative Management’s Risk Management approach addresses risk identification, analysis, response, and monitoring. We understand that Risk Management increases the probability and impact of positive events, and decreases the probability and impact of negative events. Innovative Management works with clients to conduct risk assessment, identify possible risk and their impacts, and develop mitigation plans. We track and manage risks by using a risk register to help ensure that all risks are properly mitigated.

Communications Management

Proper Communications Management helps to ensure the timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and ultimate dissemination of project information. Innovative Management helps clients identify their stakeholders, develop a communications strategy, and develop reports that may be needed to keep all stakeholders informed of a project’s status and progress.

Financial Management

As with any project, it is important that there are sufficient funds available to meet the established requirements. It is also important that the funds be managed effectively to ensure that a project’s budget is used appropriately. Innovative Management approach to Financial Management involves planning, estimating, budgeting, and controlling costs so that a project can be completed within the approved budget. If necessary, our experts are able to see if activities can be adjusted to help keep a project within budget.

Quality Management

We leverage of experience and work with our clients to determine the quality processes, objectives, and responsibilities, so that a project’s goals/objectives can be accomplished. Innovative Management understands that Quality Management addresses both the quality regarding the management of a project as well as the quality of the project’s products. We focus on quality assurance (including the development of metrics) to ensure that project requirements are fulfilled, quality control to ensure that project outcomes meet expectations, and oversight for monitoring a project over its life cycle.